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Our Impact in Benin

YOU are making a difference!

We couldn’t possibly write out all the stories of the countless ways that this ministry has been able to impact the lives of people in Benin. However, we want to share a few recent stories with you that will help you get a glimpse of what we see on a daily basis. The intervention of Arbre de Vie in the lives of those in need is only possible because of the supporters of this ministry who make the impact possible. Thank you for making a difference!


Esther: Surgery needed immediately

In April 2013, Esther and her parents showed up for the first time at the church we attend in Sakété. This Sunday was the first time any of our staff met baby Esther. It was immediately obvious that this little baby was suffering from a disorder known as hydrocephalus. To put it simply, hydrocephalus is…

Basile: One of our sponsored children

Something most people don’t know about our organization is that support is not only provided for the children who live at our orphanage but also for dozens of other children who still live in their home villages with their family. Education is not free in Benin, as is the case in most third-world countries. When…

Papa Rizikiath

Papa Rizikiath is a single father who came to the orphanage seeking assistance for his daughter. His wife had died during childbirth and following her death their infant daughter had been taken care of by a Catholic orphanage in Sakété. After leaving his daughter at the orphanage, he went to Cotonou, a large city approximately…

Baby Sena: Infant with Spina Bifida

It is not uncommon for people around Sakété to come to Arbre de Vie when they need assistance of some sort. Many people come by asking the organization for money for food, healthcare, or school fees. One Sunday in May 2012, there was a young mother and one of her family members that came seeking…

Baby Ruth

Mama Ruth: Single Mama to 6 Children

We first met Mama Ruth in 2011. Her husband was a mechanic who had recently died, leaving her with five young children and one on the way. She was trying desperately to provide for her children but was having a very difficult time even being able to feed them, let alone being able to send…