Hope for the Hopeless


Current Projects in Benin

Day-to-day life is nothing that can ever be completely planned for, is it? There are many unknowns and many unforeseen circumstances that arise each day, especially in Sakété, Benin. We do our best to plan ahead as much as possible and below you can read about a few of our current projects that we are accepting donations for. Please take some time to read about these necessary projects and consider donating if you feel led. There are many exciting things on the horizon for our organization and we are excited for you to join our efforts!


Solar Energy Installation!

Can you imagine a life without electricity? For the children of Arbre de Vie, life without electricity is their reality. Our orphanage, that is home to many, is off the grid of electricity and because of this has never had the luxury or security that electricity brings. In order to bring the national electricity to…