Hope for the Hopeless



Name : David
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 18, 1998
Origin: Agonlin, Adjohoun
Arrived at orphanage: November 2006
Grade: 11th

Social Background
David lost his father when he was a little over 2 years old. He lived with his mother in the village Agonlin and Arbre de vie found him fishing on a tiny little canoe. He had hardly any clothes and his nutrition was very poor. Since David’s mother doesn’t have an inheritance (women don’t inherit in Benin), and had been a house wife until the death of her husband, she had very little means to pay for food for her children. At a very young age David would have to fish in order to provide for his family. It was not possible to send David to school. The Arbre de vie team decided to take him in at the orphanage in order to give him better nutrition and to make sure that David would be able to attend school. David joined the Yedidja family in November 2006.

Current Situation
David is now in the second year of Middle school, in 7th grade. His favorite subject is English. David is one of the best students in his school, and has been the first of his class for the past few school years. Not only has he been the first in the class, he has been the first in his entire school establishment for the last two years, this from a boy who had no chance of going to school otherwise.

When he grows up, David wants to be a lawyer or a judge. He likes to play soccer, card games, and he loves to be around his group of friends/siblings at the orphanage, especially Louis. He has a lot of discipline and hates injustice. He is an incredibly responsible kid. He will never lose anything and will remember to do all tasks asked of him. He is a hard worker and a very quiet person. Like all the other children at the orphanage, David attends an evangelical church in Sakété where he sings in the church choir. He loves the Lord and walks closely with him.