Hope for the Hopeless



Name: Philomène
Gender: female
Birthday: March 21 2001
Origin: Hetin, Dangbo
Arrived at orphanage: December 2004
Grade: 12th

Social Background:
Philomène’s father died when she was a little child. Her mother who lived in very poor living conditions had to take care of her daughters, Catherine and Philomène, alone. Although she remarried her living conditions stayed very difficult. At this point, Philomène was lacking hygiene, had very dirty and ripped clothes and suffered from an ear infection which was not being treated. Rebecca, her mother, asked the NGO Arbre de vie to take her two daughters in at the orphanage. After a social survey, her wish was granted. Philomène and her sister joined the Yedidja family on December 15, 2004.

Current Situation:
Philomène is in 8th grade. She attends the Public High School which is a 35 minute walk away from the center. Philomène is a quite girl who falls in the middle of the pack. She loves to laugh and play with her sisters, but is rarely found speaking with anyone else. She is a short but very strong stature. She is always helping in the kitchen when she isn’t working on school work or other chores. She has a servant heart and will always willingly help out. She is diligent with her school work even when it isn’t easy. Her favorite subject is English and in her free time, she loves to play cards. Her favorite games are Ligretto, UNO and Skip-bo. She will also always be happy to be singing and dancing with the other children.