Hope for the Hopeless


Calling All Volunteers!

Are you interested in doing something different with your life? Interested inmaking an impact and seeing the realities of the world? Taking time out of your day-to-day life to volunteer with Tree of Life USA in Benin will do all that! Our organization is open to accepting self-motivated, energetic, short-term volunteers to assist with the various realms of ministry in Sakété.

If coming to Sakété, Benin on a short-term basis interests you, please take a look at our Volunteer Handbook that we have included.

After reading the Volunteer Handbook please:

  • Fill out the Volunteer Application
  • Attach to the Volunteer Application the following items:
    • Current Resume
    • Copy of Passport
    • Two passport size photos
    • Reference letters from each of the following:
      • A pastor or mentor
      • An employer
      • A colleague or friend
    • Official background check
    • Self-evaluation of strengths and weaknesses


The completed application should be sent via PDF to info@treeoflifeusa.org. Please understand that all applicants who apply are not accepted to assist with our program in Benin. Our staff members prayerfully and carefully consider each volunteer candidate before reaching a decision regarding their short-term mission. We are grateful for each applicant’s interest in serving the Lord with us!

What our volunteers are saying!

Supporting and Praying for Arbre de vie is a privilege for Ron and I. Our Heavenly Father called me to go to the orphanage September 2012, what a life changing experience. The Children are so precious and loving. They won my heart. Jon and Ashley are like our own children and we are very proud and thankful for their passion for this ministry. We are very blessed to partner with this ministry in the Lord.

Dana Leach Volunteer

I had an incredible experience with Arbre De Vie. I have volunteered time and money to numerous charitable organizations over the years, but this trip allowed me to witness the tangible impact our time and resources can have on these children. They are so beautiful inside and out. You show up in hopes of putting a smile on their face and you leave with an even bigger smile on yours. The children have a fantastic spirit and are given real opportunities to grow and excel through Arbre De Vie. The organization has created a bridge allowing people from all over the world to make a direct impact, today. I would encourage others to get their feet on the ground.

Ryan Miller Volunteer

A trip to Arbre de vie is not just a trip to Africa, but a life changing experience. It is one of those trips where up get back so much more than what you put in. I’m very grateful that I got to spend at least two weeks there. One week would not be enough time to really soak in what all goes on there, or to really get to know the people. In two weeks time I was blessed to build great relationships with a lot of the kids. I got to see their personalities and to realize kids are kids no matter where you are. This trip brings a whole new awareness to what actually goes on in different parts of the world. I was amazed how experiencing it was so much more different than reading about it. There is no more wondering; it’s all real now. I could talk on and on about this trip, but nothing I would say will give you the experience I got.

Adam Knapp Volunteer

Simply put, my trip to Benin and time at Arbre de Vie was worth every penny spent. The whole experience was so much more than I could have ever dreamed. New friendships, lifelong memories, and a nice tan were only a few of the countless blessings I brought home with me. If it’s on your heart to go, I, without hesitation, would encourage you to do so. I don’t believe God calls people to the other side of the world for no reason at all. Whether it’s a lesson for you to learn, a life for you to impact, or His love for you to share, He has something awaiting you. Go find out what it is!

Katina Smith Volunteer

My experience in Benin with the Tree of Life is hard to put into words. Of course going in I knew that the visit would be something that would have a positive impact on my life. What I thought that impact would be was a greater sense of “gratitude” which most would say would be a given. For me though, that wasn’t it! I took from this journey a greater understanding of what it really means to be a family! Seeing how the kids work together, whether it be in homework, gardening, cooking, or even when they have play time. No matter the situation you can see that the love for each other is a bond that will never fall apart no matter what. This is what I got from my experience, but to truly understand and feel what goes on there, one needs to pack their bags and go see first hand!

“Let the spirit take charge of your mind, combing out tangles of deception. Be transformed by the truth that HE lives within you”

Michael Wojciechowski Volunteer

Arbre de Vie helped changed my life. I had always had a heart for missions, but never knew how much I’d truly love it until I went to Benin, Africa. It’s one thing to see the pictures… it’s another to GO. To go and touch the faces of the fatherless, hold the hands of the motherless, and love on God’s precious children on the other side of the world. It has been a great honor to be involved in such an God-driven ministry! Anyone who wants a life changing experience should go…it truly will change your life.

Erika Enix Volunteer